Customer Success: NetSuite Retail Inventory Management

Holli Anderson
By Holli Anderson on Friday, April 04, 2015

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Planet Dog is a leading global distributor of premium, non-toxic and recyclable dog products. With multiple business channels and continued growth, Planet Dog recognized the need for a retail inventory management solution. After evaluating multiple options, Planet Dog chose RF-SMART to meet this need.


Planet Dog and RF-SMART


A deciding factor for RF-SMART was scalability, according to Director of Operations Sean Callahan. “We were able to take this technology from the warehouse and use it in our retail store, all without purchasing a separate server,” Callahan explained. “Unlike with other solutions, all we needed to do was buy an iPod and scanner, and we were up and running.”

Planet Dog’s previous WMS was old, outdated and simply did not work with NetSuite. By implementing RF-SMART, they were able to increase The Big Three:

  1. Accuracy – Planet Dog no longer deals with negative inventory in their retail store, with accurate UPC code scanning and real-time inventory updates
  2. Productivity – Using Bin Putaway with RF-SMART, Planet Dog can now put product away in a few minutes, instead of hours
  3. Efficiency – Training to complete picking went from a month to just 15 minutes

But don’t just take it from us: “RF-SMART is 75-80% faster than our old process. It is smoother, there are less buttons to hit, and there is less time in between transactions.”

Learn more about Planet Dog’s story by downloading their case study. 

Read the Case Study

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