A Helpful Tool: Free Barcode Generator

Holli Anderson
By Holli Anderson on Friday, June 06, 2016

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It’s Friday friends. To celebrate, we’ve created a helpful (free) resource for generating barcodes. Introducing barcodes.rfsmart.com  
Originally created for our partners to easily demonstrate mobile data collection, this helpful tool has multiple uses. 

Let’s say you’re implementing a new workflow in your operations. The most important step? Testing, testing, testing! But with testing comes the need for barcodes on hand. That’s where barcodes.rfsmart.com comes in. 

Printing multiple barcodes is as easy as 1-2-3-4:

  1. Click “Add a New Barcode.” You can add a new barcode one at a time or click it multiple times (five, for example) if you know you want to create five barcodes.
  2. Enter a description of what the barcode is for (i.e., Org, Item, Document, Serial Number, Plant, etc.) then enter the characters/values you want in barcode format.
  3. You can quickly change the barcode type, height and label font size.
  4. Then just click Print Barcodes when you’re done. If you Save/Print to PDF, you can use that same sheet again.

Free Barcode generator at barcodes.rfsmart.com/

Sure, there are other barcoding tools out there, but we created our site with the data collection user in mind. You can choose from 3 of the most commonly used barcodes to fit leading industry scanners:

  • Code 128
  • Code 39
  • 2D (Datamatrix)

RF-SMART Free barcode generator

Whether you use this tool for demos, training or internal processes, the sky is the limit. 

Generate Barcodes

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